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무능한 리더가 누구인지 알아내는 방법


How to Spot an Incompetent Leader

We have the tools, we just don’t use them.




젊은 세대 직원들의 동기부여 문제를 어떻게 해결할 수 있을까?


Overcoming the challenges of motivating a younger generation | HRExecutive.com

Companies can get an edge in the war for talent with resources tailored to younger employees' unique expectations.




미국 사람들이 화장실 휴지를 사재기하는 이유는 대체 무엇일까?


Why Are People Hoarding Toilet Paper?

On Facebook a few days ago, a friend posted that there was no toilet paper anywhere in the town where I live. She listed the big box stores she had visited. I wasn't worried. My nearest supermark




직장에서 가장 성가신 3가지 유형의 동료들을 다루는 방법


How to handle the 3 most annoying types of coworkers

A new survey identified the top three pet peeves we have about our coworkers.







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생산성에 대한 집착이 창의력을 죽이지 않도록 하라


Don’t Let Your Obsession with Productivity Kill Your Creativity

Think outside the timebox.




마이크로 매니저인지 아닌지를 판별하는 방법


How to Know if You're a Micromanager (and How to Stop It)

Use these strategies to manage, trust, and empower your team.




생산성을 높이기 위해 매일 할 수 있는 6가지 의식


6 Daily Rituals to Improve Your Focus and Raise Your Productivity, Says Research

There are things within your control that may transform how you do work.




'할일 목록'을 강력한 생산성 도구로 활용하는 방법


How to transform your to-do list into a productivity power tool

It will likely require shifting your mindset in a few key ways.






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좋은 프로그래머가 되는 데 필요한 역량은 수학이나 엔지니어링 스킬이 아니라, 언어 스킬이라는 연구


Surprising study reveals what makes a good coder, and it’s not math

Math abilities explained just 2% of differences in student learning.



직원을 해고하기 전에 고려해야 할 4가지 단계


Consider these 4 steps before you fire an employee

Take the time to dig a little deeper.



사람들로부터 신뢰를 얻는 3가지 방법


3 Ways to Make People Trust You

Your business relationships will flourish when you commit to the following guidance.



팀원들의 업무 몰입을 높이고 훌륭한 리더가 되는 법


How to Engage Your Team and Be a Great Leader, Not Just a Manager

Follow these four tips and your team will increasingly follow your lead.






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지루하게 기다리는 경우, 이를 슬기롭게 견디는 방법


Researchers reveal the secret to waiting in line patiently

Patience is a hackable skill, not a virtue.



회사에 습관적으로 지각하는 직원들을 어떻게 다뤄야 할까?


What to Do About a Chronically Late Employee

... and 4 other tricky workplace dilemmas.



회의가 시간과 비용을 낭비하는 일일 수 있다고 말하지만, 회의를 취소하는 것도 비용을 발생시킨다.


Meetings Can Be a Waste of Time and Money, but Skipping them Isn't Free

Scheduling and then canceling meetings costs your business.



회의의 아젠다를 완벽하게 만드는 방법은?


How to Create the Perfect Meeting Agenda

It’s all about asking the right questions.





2020년 2월 17일 여러분이 읽으면 좋을 아티클 5편을 소개합니다.


내면의 창의력을 꺼내는 4가지 방법은?


4 Ways to Unlock Your Inner Creativity

With some practice and nurturing, you can train yourself to become a more creative person.



바디랭귀지에서 나타나는 리더의 2가지 유형.
상대방을 지배하는 리더인가, 아니면 명망을 통해 권위를 얻는 리더인가?


Leaders Show Distinct Body Language Depending On Whether They Gain Authority Through Prestige Or Dominance

By Emma Young. Distinct physical displays let others know how to respond to high-ranking individuals.



마이크로 매니지먼트를 중단하고 더 많은 업무를 위임하는 방법


How to finally stop micromanaging and delegate more

Most leaders are afraid of delegating because it requires them to relinquish control.



'빠르게 움직이는' 걸 조직의 미션 혹은 가치라 여기는 조직의 부작용 혹은 문제는?


Research: Organizations That Move Fast Really Do Break Things

Prioritizing action over consideration often leads to unethical behavior.



남의 비판을 마음 편하게 받아들이기 위한 5가지 방법은?


5 ways you can get more comfortable taking criticism

Feedback and criticism are going to happen, so why not take a more positive approach to them with these tips?






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비싼 물건을 사도 행복해지지 않는 이유는?


Buying expensive stuff doesn’t make us happy. Harvard researchers explain why

And actually, it makes us pretty miserable. A new study from researchers at Harvard Business School and Boston College hints at why.



건설적인 피드백을 주기 위한, 가장 완벽한 타이밍을 잡는 방법


'Next Time, Do Better.' How to Pick the Perfect Moment to Give Constructive Feedback

When should you deliver feedback intended to improve performance? Sometimes not as soon as you might think.



상세사항에 관심이 없는(관리하지 못하는) 리더와 같이 일하는 방법


How to Work with a Leader Who Doesn’t Care About Details

While their head is in the clouds, you’re in the weeds.



모든 사람들에게 인생 코치가 필요한 이유는?


Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Successful people have to grab progress by the horns.





2020년 2월 5일 여러분이 읽으면 좋을 아티클 4편을 소개합니다.

새로운 직장에서 좋은 인상을 남기기 위해 필요한 3가지 행동은?


3 things you must do to make a good impression in a new job

Authenticity and bringing your whole self to work are fine in theory, but the fact is that we all get hired, promoted, or fired based on what other people think of us.




회사에서 시간을 낭비하지 않기 위한 13가지 방법은?


13 ways to waste less time at work

Rather than wish there were more hours in a day, do these things instead.



개방형 사무실(오픈 플랜 사무실)이 질병을 더 빨리 확산시킨다


Open Plan Offices Spread Diseases More Quickly

Putting everybody in one big room means one sneeze will infect every surface that anybody touches.



전략적 우선순위를 반영하여 KPI를 작성하라
KPI는 퍼포먼스를 측정하는 것이 아니라 '관계'를 측정하는 것이라는 주장.


Create KPIs That Reflect Your Strategic Priorities

Start by identifying your most important stakeholders.